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Advanced Air Purification Solution


  • Outdoor air purification
    (car and industry exhausts purification)
  • Indoor air purification
    (Sick-house Syndrome, VOCs)
  • Air purification device and filter industry


Gens Nano™ photocatalyst is a next generation of air purification technology, which can treat air pollutions caused by more than 85% kinds of harmful gases such as car exhausts NOx, formaldehyde, benzene, VOCs. At the presence of light, photocatalyst produces hydroxyl radicals and holes (h+), which react with organic materials and harmful gases to produce water and carbon dioxide. There is no extra pollution in the whole purification process. The nano photocatalyst reacts as catalyst in the chemical reaction so that its performance will maintain for a long time and it will never be consumed. What’s more, we have the innovative VLR (Visible Light Response) photocatalyst manufacturing technology and our products are suitable for indoor use where UV light irradiation is weak.


  • Purify most air pollution including NOx and VOCs
  • 100% mineralize harmful gases to H2O and CO2
  • Environmentally friendly, no extra pollution
  • Organic pollutant decomposition
  • Catalytic action mode, long time performance
  • Odor control
    (see odor control for details.)
  • Anti-bacterial
    (see sterilization for details.)

Air purification technologies comparison:

  HEPA1 ES Filter2 Ozone UV3 Minus-Ion Photocatalyst
Mold Good Normal Good Good Normal Excellent
Germs Excellent Normal Good Good Normal Excellent
Virus Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Excellent
Dust Mite Excellent Good Normal Normal Normal Normal
Toxicant Normal Normal Good Good Normal Excellent
Odor Normal Normal Good Normal Good Excellent
Smoke Good Good Good Normal Excellent Good
VOCs Normal Normal Good Good Normal Excellent
Allergen Good Good Good Normal Excellent Excellent
Note: 1 High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters
2 Electrostatic Filters
3 Ultraviolet