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Global Use

Photocatalyst History Milestones

  • 1968 Fujishima Akira of Tokyo University discovered photocatalytic property of semi-conducting metal Titanium Dioxide.
  • 1972 Dr. Fujishima published what is now known as the “Fujishima Effect” research paper which started the revolution in photocatalyst research
  • 1990 The 1st International Conference on TiO2 Photocatalytic Purification and Treatment of Water and Air. Toronto and Ontario, Canada.
  • 1998 Publication of Peroxotitanic Acid Solution-Derived Anatase Sol by Dr. Ichinose
  • 2001 NASA incorporated Photocatalytic oxidation to combat Bioterrorism of Anthrax
  • 2002 Taiwan Government utilized Photocatalyst coating to combat SARS outbreak.
  • 2006 Photocatalyst coating used as a prevention tool for SARS, Bird Flu outbreaks in many countries across the planet.

Global Presence

  • Japan
  • United States / Canada
  • China
  • Hong Kong / Taiwan /Korea
  • South East Asia: Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore
  • Europe: Germany and Italy

Global Applications

  • Over million residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Millions of automobiles / public transportation
  • Thousands of Hospitals, Schools and Medical facilities
  • Tunnels, bridges and parking lots etc.