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Advanced Odor Elimination Solution


Odor and foul smell control system. Daily odor control coating and application. Deodorizing textile and material.


Gens Nano photocatalyst is a novel deodorizing technology. There are two traditional odor control methods. One is to use some pleasant smell to cover the odor, such as perfume. The other is to use physical method to absorb the odor and remove it temporarily. However, the Gens Nano coating can effectively decompose the smelling materials and gases to produce water and carbon dioxide. Photocatalyst itself is a safe chemical substance with no extra pollution. It reacts as catalyst in the reaction so that its performance maintains for a long time. Photocatalyst is effective on most odors, it can be widely used from daily life to industry processing to eliminate all kinds of odor.

GENS manufactures a variety kinds of nano coating products, which can be applied in different environments and places especially textile, to meet the needs of daily life and industry processing.


  • Environmentally friendly, non polluting
  • Easy to apply in most sites and diversified surfaces
  • Decompose the odor molecules
  • Catalytic action mode, longtime performance
  • Not only effects odor, but also purifies harmful gases, keeps the environment safe for human
  • Anti-bacterial