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Press Releases

Press releases from Green Earth Nano Science, Inc.

Canadian Nanotechnology Company Signs Exclusive License Agreement with Turkey TENAY Ltd.
September 23, 2016
Green Earth Nano Science has signed Exclusive Distribution Agreement with TENAY Ltd. from Turkey to offer GENS NANO and SOLARSTUCCO self-cleaning coatings, and AGRIHIT biodegradable cleaners, organic plant based disinfectants and sanitizers; natural bio degradable cleaners; natural foliar fertilizers; and plant growth and health enhancer.

Toronto-based Environmental Technology Pioneer Green Earth Nano Science Expands in EU
February 1, 2015
Green Earth Nano Science has signed an Exclusive Distribution Agreement with CleanShield Denmark to bring GENS NANO and SOLARSTUCCO self-cleaning coatings, and AGRIHIT biodegradable cleaners, organic plant based disinfectants, and sanitizers into Denmark, Sweden, Norway and German markets.

Canadian Nanotechnology Company Signs Distribution Agreement with Gens Nano Sdn Bhd from Malaysia
Monday, July 7, 2014
Green Earth Nano Science, Inc. have recently expended its marketplace to Asia through Gens Nano Sdn Bhd from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by signing Exclusive License Distribution Agreement for distribution of its Gens Nano & SolarStucco branded self-cleaning, anti-bacterial coatings, and AgriHit branded organic disinfectants & sanitizers, natural bio degradable cleaners, natural foliar fertilizers & plant growth & health enhancers.

Green 3D Shield – Air & Surface Infection Control System for Offices, Hotels, Hospitals and Farms
May 24, 2012
Green 3D Shield infection control system utilizes green technologies derived from naturally occurring substances that control indoor surface and air bio-contamination and help combat the spread of nosocomial infections in offices, hospitals and farms.

H1N1 Influenza Shield: Photo-Catalytic Oxidation Technology
Nov 08, 2009
(PCO) Photo-Catalytic Oxidation Technology recommended by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as one of proven systems to fight H1N1 Swine Flu in clean rooms, commercial and residential indoor environments.

GENS NANO - Self-sanitizing Coating for Walls & Ceilings Receives Approval from CFIA
Mar 05, 2009
Canadian company receives approval from Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for its proprietary hygienic, self-sanitizing green coating utilizing natural mineral titanium dioxide to protect food processing plants, poultry farms, offices, hospitals

Natural Organic Decontaminants as a Systematic Approach of Raising Poultry
Jan 25, 2009
Environment friendly solution increases profits for poultry farmers & integrated producers.

Self-Sanitizing Walls And Ceilings – Green Solution For Food Industry Outbreaks
Nov 20, 2008
Nanotechnology improves environment and saves costs to keep maintain hygienic environment inside food production and clean room facilities; less water and chemicals are needed to disinfect walls and ceilings, reduced building maintenance costs.

Self-cleaning Nanotechnology Solution For Today’s Pollution
Aug 15, 2008
SolarStucco self-cleaning technology protects building’s exterior; once coated, buildings new (or restored) remain clean for many years. SolarStucco coatings are water based, very easy to apply and easily integrated into any manufacturing process.